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All the news that's hip to print

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Oh, Tokyo!
We arrived here yesterday via Japan Airlines (I'm already dreading the overweight since we arrived overweight. We are six people.) The ride was bumpy according to me, but not according to my sister Ana.


IMG_9074 IMG_9100

We're at the Imperial Hotel, which is my dad's favorite place to stay. I can see why it's called Imperial.
The rooms have an old world Japanesey-Western feel. I love all the extra chairs inside, and the mutated orange in the fruit bowl.



And I love the bathroom which feels like a small apartment, with soundtrack pa! Lovely.

IMG_9110 IMG_9131

Observation lang no:
1) Parang mas mabilis ang internet dito kaysa bahay.
2) Parang mas fresh ang sushi dito kaysa Tokyo Tokyo.


3) Why is the best Coke in the world seriously in Tokyo?


I'm having a good time shopping with my sister. So far we've been to Ginza Hands, the giant Muji, Bic Camera, Shimojima and the giant wasteland called Etoile. We've only bought cute little things.

IMG_9139 Etoile




Tomorrow we hit Aoyama, Omotesando, Harajuku, etc. for serious clothes.
Tomorrow is Good Friday everyone. Be good.


"Parang mas fresh ang sushi dito kaysa Tokyo Tokyo."

astute ka pala.


hanapin mo si ellen nishiyumi ha? Oh! Tokyo!

"Naku, napakaganda naman talaga nito! ito po'y nagkakahalaga ng 500 yen na sa pera po natin ay 200 pesos.."

Hahaha mahirap yan! I tried and failed miserably countless times.

(eats fish) "Mmmmmm lasang isda!"

(Deleted comment)
Aaaah Tokyo. I miss that place. The hotel looks fantastic and I think the sushi in Tokyo Tokyo is never fresh hahaha

I miss the hats from CA4LA D:

you're looking at one of those pricey but totally worth it japanese produce ...or so i read.

1) Parang mas mabilis ang internet dito kaysa bahay.

Japan tops the list of 30countries with fast Internet access. Around 50-60MBPS regular speed. It must be the earthquake lines, seriously

**inggit to the max**

I so wish you opened a shop full of japanese stuff

i've always wanted to see harajuko! i'm so ingget! haha...oh well, have fun! :D

haraujuku! i'll take pictures for you :)

oooh, you're in tokyo! i miss that place so much especially the kaiten sushi!!!
have a great time!


is that my stepdad's reflection?

speaking of oh! tokyo!, you might want to try calling the philippine embassy. i'm sure they can arrange an interview with THE ellen. i cannot forget the tokyo-disneyland episode of oh! tokyo! -- it is forever etched in my mind. she's really a pinoy icon of the 90's -- like viveca babajee (take it, take it)!

that orange is so cute and freaky at the same time! heehee

"mutated fruit" (ha!) = dekopon (honey orange)

woooo tokyo!!! land of bearbricks!!! happy easter chuvaness!

parang yan yung sushi place na feature sa Anthony Bourdain show.
Anyway, Kumusta mo ako sa aso ni Christopher Nemeth. Chica

Wow! I love Tokyo too. I was able to stay in Imperial when I was small. From the pictures you posted it's still Imperial. I love Coke in Tokyo too. I love it that they have 500 ml in cans and this other size that looks like a bottle but also in can. Waaah, I miss Suqqu!