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The aftermath
The Four-Way Test does not apply when one shops in Tokyo, i.e.:

1) Do I really need this? (maybe)
2) Can I live without it? (likely)
3) Will I really use it? (not sure)
4) Do I already have something like this in my possession? (very likely)

But while shopping, I couldn't help but think about the overweight I would have to deal with at the airport.
Our sister-in-law who had just arrived from Japan warned us that Japan Airlines was very strict in dealing with overweight luggage. They wouldn't even forgive her three kilos overweight, so my brother had to take some stuff out and hand-carry them.

In my case, hand-carrying was not a possibility as my sister and I had 8 pieces of checked in luggage and 124 kilos between the two of us. These are my five bags.

My bags only (5 pieces)

My sister, being a Diamond One World member got away with 50 kilos, while I had 30 kilos allowance. They gave another 14 kilos, so I was left to pay for 30 kilos. At 2500 yen/kilo, do the math.

There was a bit of a problem at the payment counter when they were contesting my sister's privilege from her card so that really pissed us off. But my sister is cool-headed (she told me to keep quiet) and we stuck to our guns, so we kind of "won" but swore to fly Northwest next time.

Diday fighting for our right to overweight luggage
Sister fighting for our right to overweight luggage.

And guess what, JAL business class was virtually empty. They could've really just given the 30 kilos IMO. Jeroen should've been there.

I do have to say the flight was eerily smooth, no bumps, it got me really scared.
But how fun is Tokyo if you can't shop? I swear we have to switch airlines next year, for my sis and I have made a pact to do Tokyo each November.

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The airline industry is greedy.
VERY greedy.
They ramble on about fuel costs. Yeah right.

When we're in travel mode, we buy things. It's why we travel.
Knick knacks and special memory stuff.
Clothes (are heavy when you think you're being clever by buying ten of one thing..UHG)
They add up.
Forget books!
Forget new luggage (bag restrictions)

To see what's out there is the world in our desire.
And we want to take some home with us.
NORMAL and has been happening for thousands of years.
Even the cavemen had a form of duty free.....
It was painful though.

The entire time I was in Asia (five weeks) I worried about baggage fees.
I traveled between many countries and I had the boyfriend in tow.
We lived in a constant state of 'extra baggage costs fear'.
I wanted to buy some Bhudda figures and such. But I did not ...because of baggage cost fears. ( They ALWAYS nail me hard which is weird because I travel/look like a frat boy. Low key. Shades always.
Airports freak me out a bit.
Extra baggage fees (amazingly brazen rip off) will STOP tourism commerce in country where it is DESPERATELY needed.
Hand made arts and crafts and tribal artwork is at times the ONLY form of income for millions of people who benefit directly from the international tourism dollar.
And if we are all paranoid about that kick in the head baggage fee, well many on a strict budget will not buy these things.
There is widespread evidence of this happening already.

Why buy lovely gorgeous things on your travels (cheap things) when they charge you these HUGE baggage fees? You do not save at the end of the day.
You end up resenting the whole shebang!

And the place where you have just had the time of your life, may leave a bad after taste after the Airline101 rip off/hostage/blatant luggage scam is through with you.

Enjoy your flight.

What about big huge fat people?
I'm a tiny guy at 67kilos.
What should I pay for an enormous fatty fatso who weight THREE times as much as me to fly?
I m paying for THEIR extra lard folds and it's not fair.

SKINNY people should be exempt from this baggage rule.

Who's with me?

I want my jet fuel money back fatties!!!!!

Another thing that pisses me off.
AFTER you pass your belongings/luggage over to THEM for safe keeping until destination, you can go shop until your head explodes, and carry as much shit on board that you can. I saw one woman, I swear carrying like TEN Massive bags on the plane.
She COULD have had lead paper weights in those bags for all I know.

Where is the fairness in that?
I ask you.


They don't seem to care about THAR extra weight.

Greedy bastards, the whole lot of them.


I feel better.

Re: Baggage Fees/Fauxs

that's why i completely stopped buying magazines abroad. if you have to, you can buy in the airport after checking in.
yes that incident shattered my lovely trip. you can really turn off customers like that. so no more JAL. the seats were not comfy anyway.
if you think about it, tourists contribute to the economy. If they don't shop, what happens? HK survives on tourists shopping everyday. Cathay Pacific is much nicer when it comes to overweight, even Singapore airlines.
i have never paid this much for overweight and I hope I never will again.

Edited at 2008-11-12 01:03 am (UTC)

Re: Baggage Fees/Fauxs

It's a heartache, these airline fees and taxes and and charges.
I agree about Hong Kong. For sure.
They need people/tourists to buy a LOT of stuff in order to stay afloat in that crazy wonderful place.
YES never buy yours mags before check in.
My own little bit of charm has got me out of a few pinches, but I've paid, believe me.....
We all have to learn to live VERY minimally, which most people find hard.
We love our things.

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