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The aftermath
The Four-Way Test does not apply when one shops in Tokyo, i.e.:

1) Do I really need this? (maybe)
2) Can I live without it? (likely)
3) Will I really use it? (not sure)
4) Do I already have something like this in my possession? (very likely)

But while shopping, I couldn't help but think about the overweight I would have to deal with at the airport.
Our sister-in-law who had just arrived from Japan warned us that Japan Airlines was very strict in dealing with overweight luggage. They wouldn't even forgive her three kilos overweight, so my brother had to take some stuff out and hand-carry them.

In my case, hand-carrying was not a possibility as my sister and I had 8 pieces of checked in luggage and 124 kilos between the two of us. These are my five bags.

My bags only (5 pieces)

My sister, being a Diamond One World member got away with 50 kilos, while I had 30 kilos allowance. They gave another 14 kilos, so I was left to pay for 30 kilos. At 2500 yen/kilo, do the math.

There was a bit of a problem at the payment counter when they were contesting my sister's privilege from her card so that really pissed us off. But my sister is cool-headed (she told me to keep quiet) and we stuck to our guns, so we kind of "won" but swore to fly Northwest next time.

Diday fighting for our right to overweight luggage
Sister fighting for our right to overweight luggage.

And guess what, JAL business class was virtually empty. They could've really just given the 30 kilos IMO. Jeroen should've been there.

I do have to say the flight was eerily smooth, no bumps, it got me really scared.
But how fun is Tokyo if you can't shop? I swear we have to switch airlines next year, for my sis and I have made a pact to do Tokyo each November.

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thanks. i did a lot of christmas shopping and hoarding of little things that just added up.
re: JAL, they just lost two customers. sad that the Tokyo magic died in the airport. next time we know what to do.

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