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All the news that's hip to print

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The scene in Harajuku
On the other side of town, hipsters lined up for Comme des Garçons x H&M in Harajuku.
I had a feeling it would be better to line up at Ginza where people are more conservative (read: less competition).

Watch this

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I wish I were working at H&M right now.

And great job for the one Japanese guy who pronounced Comme des Garçons right!

How was the line at Ginza?

waiting in line for 14hrs?! 12hrs?! sobra! parang star wars fans! how about you? how long did you have to wait?

Hi,been reading your blog for quite sometime!
You're an inspiration. I'll be in Manila next month and looking forward to visit Pepper Lunch.

thank you! please do visit!

im really craving for the bag!

Hi, Cecille. I've been following your blog, great stuff you write about. I share your passion for shopping and at the risk of "using" your blog's popularity, I would like to invite your readers to visit the blog I made about the Comme des Garçons for H&M collection. I live in Oslo, Norway and decided to share my loot to Manila-based Pinoy CdG fans out there. I tried to put them up on eBay but got a fraud alert so I had to use other channels. I'll send you the link if you permit this guerrilla advertisement. Many thanks, Lainey

sounds good. please email me the link first!!
i need some


before I post it , hehe

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