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Tried and tested: How to clean your gadgets using Pledge

Some people think it’s hard to give me a present. Yes, but sometimes just give me something useful and big, and I’m happy. Like this package I got last December from SC Johnson.

Cleaning products

Most of the stuff I already knew. Then there’s I discovered and really liked: the Pledge anti-static electronics cleaner.

Pledge electronics cleaner

I used to buy all these expensive gadget cloths and cleaners abroad. Now all I need is Pledge and any tissue paper that doesn’t disintegrate. Here’s how my Mac looked before: really gross

How to clean your gadgets

I have no idea how that drip stain got there. I looks like milk

How to clean your gadgets

Sprayed it with Pledge electronics cleaner and used a Kleenex tissue at my office

How to clean your gadgets

Et voila!

How to clean your gadgets

Sorry for being strange…

How to clean your gadgets

Look at my clean iPad

How to clean your gadgets

You can buy this at the supermarket, like Rustan’s. Thank you SC Johnson! I lovett.

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