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Simple solution to a slow Mac with a graphics problem

For the last week or so I’ve been suffering from a really slow Mac, so bad that I actually thought of buying a new one. The only thing that stopped me aside from the price, is that the new Macs don’t have a CD drive which I need.

I thought the slowness had something to do with my upgrade to Yosemite or that my Mac might have gotten a bug.

slow mac

If your Mac is saying it has a graphics problem, here’s a simple solution I found online:

1) Just find your Library folder, open the Logs folder, and delete everything in it.

You’ll be surprised how many thousands of files will go to trash. Mine had more than 5,000 files to delete.

2) When you empty your trash, choose Empty Trash because Secure Empty Trash will take years to complete.

After this simple procedure my Mac is now back to normal. Thank God!!

Just wanted to share in case anyone is having the same problem. What a life/sanity saver.

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