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Big Boy's Playground, Part 1

I met Big Boy at a Tokidoki event at his shop, Fresh Manila, in 2008.
He's one of those boys that "never grew up", with a keen interest in toys and other cool things.
Except, unlike most of us, he's kind of "loaded." And unlike most "loaded" people, he's actually kind of humble.
When I got an invitation to visit his playground called Ronac Art Center, I couldn't say no. In fact, I asked if I could bring all my boys.


Designed by Jagnus Studio which holds its office in the basement of the building, Ronac Center is a three-storey complex with a only few retail spaces, an art gallery and even a full-sized basketball court.
This is just one of the houses that Uratex foam built.
We began with dinner at Jozu Kin, where Chef Jayme prepared Japanese-fusion dishes such as Hamachi Carpaccio


Grilled Scallops on Shiitake Mushrooms and Asparagus


Jeroen liked the Gindara Teriyaki that was flown in that same day from Japan (and made me sad)


The Spicy Tuna


and The Symphony, a combination of diced tuna, kani stick and Japanese mayo


The kids enjoyed the steak cubes


and the Chicken Teriyaki.


We purposely sat near the kitchen so the kids can watch the cooking.


Jozukin has two branches—here at Ronac Art Center and at Burgos Circle, The Fort.
Chef Jayme Natividad trained under Mario Batali, Wolfgang Puck, and Michael White before coming home to the Philippines two years ago after 12 years in New York.
You want disclosure? Everything was free!!
Thanks to Ana Mendoza and Chef Jayme for arranging dinner.


Jozu Kin is at Ronac Art Center, Ortigas Avenue and at Burgos Circle, Forbes Town Center, Taguig
Tel. 403.1875 • 403.3646

(To be continued)
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