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Happy times
We took a day trip to Lipa today to attend the inauguration of the old folks home in Lipa.
On our way back to Manila and during the light nap I took at home this afternoon, I started reminiscing about Baguio.
Don't you love this nice weather we have right now? I love hiding under the sheets and just going back in time in my mind.
We were very small when my dad took us to the hotel he and his group had just opened. Back then it was called the Terraces Plaza, before the Hyatt acquired it and was called the Hyatt Terraces Baguio.

Hyatt Terraces Baguio

I'm not here to talk about the earthquake and bad times, only happy times and memories.
I'm lucky to have found these pics on Facebook, where a group of former employees have formed a group.
That's my dad in the middle of staff on their 5th anniversary at the Hyatt.


Kaili Coffee Shop is where we enjoyed Southern Fried Chicken in a basket and Spaghetti Mama Leone.
Do you remember what you ordered?
I loved sitting on those tall chairs, it felt like I won a prize.

Hyatt Terraces Baguio

This place gets really packed between Christmas and New Year and on Holy Week.

Hyatt Terraces Baguio

We used to love going up and down the first glass elevator we ever saw.

Hyatt Terraces Baguio Hyatt Terraces Baguio

I wonder how they managed those plants.

Hyatt Terraces Baguio

During the holidays, there was this grand display at the reception/lobby.
I still dream about it sometimes.

Hyatt Terraces Baguio

These escalators were automatic. They would go on when you stepped on them.
My little brother caused a lot of chaos on them.

Hyatt Terraces Baguio

There was the Fireplace

Hyatt Terraces Baguio

The Gold Mine (aka Crystal Cave) was the first disco I was allowed to go to at the age of 12.
I even remember my baduy disco outfit—with lights!

Hyatt Terraces Baguio

I was too young, however, to sit in here

Hyatt Terraces Baguio

Other photos with my dad. Mr. Payumo was really an awesome architect.

Hyatt Terraces BaguioHyatt Terraces Baguio

All this got me thinking how old was my dad when he accomplished this much.
I calculated he was younger than my age now. It got me thinking about starting Baguio memories with my own kids now.
I should be planning a trip there soon.

Hyatt Terraces Baguio

If you have pictures of the Hyatt Terraces, please share them with me.

do you remember...?

Do you remember the time we went to Baguio for a couple of days?

Re: do you remember...?

OMG you're right and scary!!

i was maybe 15 when i first stepped into the lobby of hyatt. i was super amazed by the glass elevator, which was probably the first to ever exist in the phils. shortly thereafter, the earthquake happened.

baguio will always have a special place in my heart. we always used to stay in baguio country club which really had a rustic and country feel with all the wooden fixtures and the fireplaces... post-renovation, the rustic vibe was kinda lessened. camp john hay pre-manor days was also one of the best vacation spots. the ice skating rink, american-style coffee shop, ice cream parlor, mini-golf -- hayyy those were really the days.

Kaili Coffee Shop and Crystal Cave!

In the late 70s, my friends and I would spend our summer "baon" with cheeseburgers and milkshakes at the Kaili Coffee Shop watching the elevators go up and down. We were still in grade school and we were already "naglalakwatsa".

In March of 1979, a group of us having just graduated from grade school met up in Baguio. One night, we decided to hit the Crystal Cave. We met some girls and we had our first dance outside of a "house party" environment. I still remember the song: "Shame" by Evelyn Champagne King.

In December of 1984 (I was already a college sophomore) I remember we had a big party in one of the function rooms. Then my mom decided to "crash the party" with her friends hahaha.

Fun fun memories of the Hyatt.

Re: Kaili Coffee Shop and Crystal Cave!

Hi Cecile..Your blog made me cry. I remember going to Hyatt Terraces every summer. We rented an old house that sits right beside it and me and my cousins would always go in the hotel to play with the elevator! Good old times. Did you know that the big house in front of the hotel is owned by Rogelio dela Rosa, the famous actor in the 50s? Thanks for bringing back the memories.

i never realized how stunning hyatt terraces was! the photos of the hotel, it looks so glamorous. the people look so stylish!

sana they rebuild it. it was such a gorgeous hotel!

This brought back sooo many great memories for me. Thanks for sharing!

you too?

This is a very nice post!

i really wish we could go there with the kids, well at least lets go to Baguio to relax!

spent a lot of weekends in baguio when i was growing! we used to have a house there, too. we'd also hang out at the hyatt and the country club and THE OLD CAMP JOHN HAY! i remember that whenever we were at john hay, it felt like we were in the states. nyek! :p ngayon baduy na sha.

John Hay was great when you had to spend US dollars, so we would bring whatever meager dollars we had. and everyone felt cool or pogi wearing jackets, hehe

I've never been to the Hyatt Terraces Baguio, but it really reminds me of the Le Meridien in Orchard Road... the glass elevator, the "terraced" floors with plants

Back in those days, it was Hyatt or nothing. Talagang dapat sa Hyatt kami mag-stay. I loved the food, the hotel...everything talaga. My happiest memories of Baguio were during those times, most especially because my dad was still alive then. The room interiors were so homey, ang sarap na magkulong sa kwarto at tumambay lang or play sa may room balcony.

Apart from pictures, I was so amused by the "passport" so I got to save one from one of our stay there and a postcard of the hotel. Just searched for it now in one of my boxes, I must say it's in excellent condition after 25 years...


Thanks for this post Ms. C. It brought back so many happy memories.

Re: i love the hotel

awesome! what was the room rate in 1985?

Hyatt Terraces interior

The interiors/lobby of the Hyatt Terraces Baguio looks similar to the interiors of Concorde Hotel Singapore (formerly Le Meridien Hotel Singapore) along Orchard Road. I wonder if they have the same designers.

Re: Hyatt Terraces interior

no my uncle Ruben Payumo did the Terraces

our family stayed there for a few nights in the 70s back when it was still the terraces plaza hotel. i remember wondering how they kept the hanging green leaves so shiny. they almost looked fake! i think they used egg whites? i'm not sure if someone asked about this back then. my sisters partied in the disco but i was not allowed in. i don't remember what i ate for breakfast at the coffee shop but i remember where we usually sat and where the restrooms were. LOL! I'll ask my brother in chicago to dig up some photos.

Re: oh the memories!

please do!

I also have so much memories in Hyatt...I think Gold Mine was also the first disco I have ever been to in high school... I remember that fireplace, those escalators, the glass elevator, running along the hallways with my brother and cousins going from room to room to bother relatives. I also remember those party days in the 80s and I saw my crush going down the escalator. hahaha. Fun times indeed!

was our favorite hangout. I would only go there when I was already with Franz. We had work in Baguio every year, but we never accepted gigs during Holy Week.

One time (in our early 20s), a producer booked our stay there. After the concert, we were kicked out by the hotel bec produ booked stay only for BEFORE the gig. We were forced to spend the night in the van. Rock n' roll! Whee!!!

Cecile you know when I was little I had a really distinct dream of being in a place like that. It's a dream I still remember. In my dream, there was a rich dark green carpet, vines tumbling down the walls, and wooden non-umbrellas full of holes which I thought was weird because it was indoors and couldn't shield me from the rain anyway. In my dream I was sitting in a chair that engulfed me, and someone gave me ice cream.

Then I saw this post and your pics.

I guess the rents must have brought me there when I was small... I've only been to Baguio once, and have almost no memory of it. Nice to know that what I thought was a dream all these years was actually really a memory! Wish I could go back and see it with adult eyes though :(

i was born and raised here in Baguio. i was in my 3rd grade when the killer quake struck our beloved city. i heard from my relatives that hyatt hotel was once the most beautiful hotel in baguio. it is a sad thing that i never got the chance to visit this awesome structure when it was still standing. this is my first time to see how beautiful the hotel was! all i could think of is "sayang talaga." a few months ago, me and my friends sneaked inside the compound (buti na lang di kami hinabol ng guard) where the hotel once stood and i can't help but think of those people who perished in that hotel when it was destroyed by the earthquake. the place is so serene and so unusually quiet kahit na maraming sasakyan na dumadaan sa main road. i'd like to share sana the pictures which we took pero i have no idea how to post it here....anyway, million thanks for your blog.